Applications for the Executive Director

The Board of Governors has initiated a search for the next Executive Director of AMCHAM Myanmar.

Information about the search can be found at the following (link).

Applications will be accepted until February 15, 2023.  


About AMCHAM Myanmar 

The American Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar (AMCHAM Myanmar) was established on October 31, 2013. To date, more than 140 companies have joined the Chamber. These companies represent a diverse collection of industries and nationalities, with a common goal to expand American business and promote the highest business standards in Myanmar. The mission of AMCHAM Myanmar is to promote and connect American business in Myanmar by encouraging local partnerships and upholding the highest business standards. 

Position Overview 

Lead the effective functioning of the AMCHAM office and support the successful fulfillment of the mission and objectives of the AMCHAM. The Executive Director reports to the AMCHAM President. 

Key Stakeholders' Expectations of AMCHAM

  1. AMCHAM Members: AMCHAM promotes measures calculated to foster and protect the interests of members. Develops and maintains effective and appropriate key contacts in Myanmar and US government. Serves as an articulate voice of opinion for the business community of the United States in Myanmar on issues relating to trade, commerce, finance, industry, and employment. Encourages active involvement of the members in the functioning of missions and implementation of objectives of the AMCHAM. 
  2. The Business Community: Promotes the development of commerce between the US and Myanmar. Provides accurate and timely information on economic, legislative, and regulatory trends that could affect the business community in Myanmar. 
  3. US Government: Provides timely and constructive input and feedback relative to U.S. policy and legislative issues that affect the functioning of successful commerce by US and Myanmar businesses. 
  4. Chamber of Commerce of the United States and other Chambers: Shares accurate and up-to-date information on issues affecting other chambers or the US Chamber. Keeps US Chamber and other Chambers informed on an anticipatory basis. Works with relevant stakeholder institutions and groups to maintain strategic ties and relationships. 


The Executive Director reports to the President of AMCHAM. The President is the unpaid chief executive officer of AMCHAM elected annually from among the membership of the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors is composed of 11 persons elected to two-year terms by the AMCHAM membership. The President of AMCHAM is responsible for the annual assessment of the Executive Director. 

The Executive Director is responsible for the smooth working of the AMCHAM office and customer service. 

The Executive Director hires, retains, develops and motivates a paid staff that carries out the mission and objectives of the Chamber as well as (i) develops a customer service oriented organization that is viewed by AMCHAM members and others having contact with the AMCHAM office, as friendly, efficient and responsive, (ii) develops and directs the draft formulation of annual objectives, calendar and annual budget, (iii) assures that conduct of AMCHAM objectives are met within budget limits, and (iv) conducts solicitation and recruitment of appropriate persons for AMCHAM membership. 

The Executive Director attends Board of Governors meetings, committee meetings, meets with other US and foreign Chambers, US government officials, US Embassy staff, and Myanmar government officials. In addition, the Executive Director meets with visiting dignitaries from diverse groups, such as business executives, ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) representatives, academics from US universities, scholarship committees, etc. 

The Executive Director must travel to other Asian countries to support representation of the AMCHAM at semi-annual meetings of the AMCHAMs of the Asia Pacific (AAP), as well as to the US for the annual AAP Washington, D.C (District of Columbia). lobbying mission. There is also domestic Myanmar travel. The Executive Director serves as an advisor to the AMCHAM President, Board of Governors and committee chairs. 

Qualifications and Experience 

Solid record of successful performance with overseas experience in Asia, especially in Myanmar. Experienced in working with multi-national companies and/or organizations and aware of the issues facing overseas business units of US companies (including the impact of both US and foreign legislation on US business interests and other issues such as tariffs, taxes, import restrictions and treaties). Demonstrated ability to live and work in a multi-cultural environment.  

Accountabilities of Executive Director 

  1. Budget Preparation, Control and Responsibility Reporting: Prepares draft AMCHAM annual budget for submission to the Treasurer, for subsequent consideration by the Board of Governors, provides monthly AMCHAM financial statement to the Treasurer, for submission to Board of Governors, showing income, expenses, liabilities, and cash flow. Assures an annual audit is conducted in a short time span by the elected independent auditor of AMCHAM and promptly responds to appropriately address issues raised.
  2. Customer Service: Assures that members, companies, organizations, and individuals receive prompt, courteous and professional service from AMCHAM. Considers office hours, staffing and systems to meet the needs of customers of the AMCHAM office. 
  3. Communications: Assures that appropriate communication is occurring between the AMCHAM and Board of Governors, officers, committees, and members, as well as various agencies, companies, and governments (both Myanmar and US). This includes the publishing of newsletters, monthly calendar, committee meeting notices and minutes, position papers, press releases, etc. Organizes in conjunction with committees and Board of Governors briefings of AMCHAM members with US officials and Embassy, corporations, etc. Serve capably as the "face" or "voice" of the AMCHAM for press and media requests and appearances. 
  4. Committees: Supports, to be effective and focused, AMCHAM committees to address critical issues that affect or are of interest to the AMCHAM membership. The committees are recognized to be important for issue management and AMCHAM mission accomplishment. The Executive Director suggests new committees to be formed based on issues that are or will be of interest to the membership. Proposes committee members and chairs from newly arrived senior executives from member companies. Attends all committee meetings and observes whether committees are effectively led, focused and coaches new committee chairs. 
  5. AMCHAM Membership: Assures that all membership applications are appropriately screened and that requisite fees are charged and collected. Calls on prospective and new member companies and solicits committee membership and involvement of senior executives. 
  6. Advice to the AMCHAM President and Board of Governors: Keeps self and others informed of pending issues, shares opinions and responds to inquiries for information and input. Is viewed as a knowledgeable advisor to the President and the Board of Governors of the AMCHAM and appropriately coaches and mentors new Board members. 
  7. Leads and Manages the AMCHAM staff: Recruits, selects, coaches, and appraises paid staff of the AMCHAM office to assure that office is effectively and efficiently run. Conducts paid staff annual performance reviews, establishes a proposed salary plan as part of the annual budget and assures that the staff performs properly and is fairly compensated. 
  8. Programs and Events: Assures the successful conduct of AMCHAM events. In support of relevant AMCHAM committees, proposes speakers, organizes special events with experts from business, academia, governments, etc. who offer presentations on diverse topics that would interest the AMCHAM membership. 
  9. Is viewed as a key resource and effective team member. 
  10. Comply with DOA terms set out in the AMCHAM bylaws to ensure effective governance and running of the Chamber operations.  

Other Terms 

The Executive Director shall: 

  1. devote the whole of his/her time, attention, and skill to the duties of his/her office as Executive Director; 
  2. be responsible to the President of the AMCHAM, from time to time, and report on operational matters to the President of AMCHAM, and shall in addition, consult and liaise with the Board of Governors of AMCHAM to ensure that the Board is kept fully informed of any matters of which he/she is aware which do or could affect AMCHAM; 
  3. faithfully, honestly, competently, and diligently perform duties and exercise such powers consistent with his/her office in relation to AMCHAM and its activities as the President of AMCHAM and/or the Board may from time to time assign to or vest in him/her; 
  4. in the discharge of such duties comply with all reasonable and proper resolutions, regulations, and directions from time to time made or given by the President of AMCHAM and/or the Board; 
  5. conform to such hours of work which may from time to time be required of him/her, and not be entitled to receive any remuneration for work performed outside his/her normal hours; and 
  6. conduct his/her employment as AMCHAM Executive Director in accordance with above Position Description and incorporated herein by reference, which may from time to time be changed or modified by the President of AMCHAM and/or the Board. 
  7. During the continuance of his/her employment, the Executive Director shall not, except with the prior written consent of the Board, be engaged, concerned or interested in any way in any trade, business, profession or occupation whatsoever other than the activities of AMCHAM or such other activity as the Board may designate provided that this provision shall not prohibit the holding of quoted investments, so long as no more than ten percent (10%) of the issued shares or stock of any class of any one company shall be so held without the prior written consent of the Board. 


Title: Executive Director 

Reporting to: AMCHAM President 

Working Hours: Full Time 

Location: Yangon, Myanmar 

To Apply: Please send your CV and brief statement of interest to:  

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Employment offers are subject to successful clearance of pre-employment checks. 

Application deadline: February 15, 2023