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DAI Global LLC (Myanmar Branch)

International Trade & Development
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DAI Global, LLC (Myanmar Branch) is the prime contractor for the USAID Responsible Investment and Trade Activity (the Activity), a five-year (2020-2025) activity that works with a broad range of private-sector firms and organizations to support Myanmar’s private sector. The Activity supports private-sector firms operating in or entering the market in Myanmar to improve corporate governance, business transparency, and competitiveness. The Activity also helps Myanmar’s private sector overcome challenges such as COVID-19. It promotes inclusive economic growth and economic integration, responsible investment, and trade for the benefit of Myanmar citizens in non-urban areas, and it empowers women to participate in the economy more fully.
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Private Sector Manager
Private Sector Manager, Financial Management
Grants and Administration Director
Private Sector Associate
Trade Promotion Lead
Senior Private Sector Advisor
DCOP/Senior ITAF Manager
Investment Technical Assistant Facility Manager
Finance and Operations Manager
Senior Procurement and Operations Specialist
Grants and Administration Director
Private Sector Manager
Private Sector Director