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Company Profile not exceeding 1300 characters with spaces.: Dale Carnegie Training was founded in 1912, inspired by one man’s belief in the power of self-improvement. Since then, it has evolved into a movement that has crossed borders and generations, showing people how to tap into the best parts of themselves to create positive change. Dale Carnegie’s original body of knowledge has been constantly updated, expanded and refined through more than a century's worth of real-life business experiences. Our programs, available in over 80 countries and 30 languages, train people all over the world how to communicate in a way that draws others in, so they can form closer, more rewarding relationships. Whether they are starting out or stepping up, learning to lead or heading up a team, we sharpen their inner voice so they can use it with confidence to get the most out of their lives and their work. For more information, go to franchise owner of Dale Carnegie Training Myanmar has recently launched Rosetta Stone, the world’s leading online language learning organization. We are now equipped to provide our learners with not only the technical skills for mastering a new language but also the attitude to practice it with confidence. We offer 24 languages you can conveniently learn on iPhone, Android, iPad or the web. For more information, please go to and
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