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Maxpower Asia Group Pte. Ltd

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MTCL is Myanmar registered company, and owns and operates 50MW Gas Fired Power Plant in Myanmar since 2013. MTCL is a member of Maxpower Group the leading gas-to-power specialist in Southeast Asia and has its head office in Jakarta.
Maxpower Group deliver clean, efficient, and affordable power to remote and under-supplied areas of Indonesia and Myanmar in record times, and provide services to gas-fired power operations across Southeast Asia. Maxpower Group currently have an installed fleet of 365 MW. Our power generation fleet (in MW) is expected to continue its multi-year growth trend given the strong drivers for gas fired power solutions in Indonesia, with the average size of projects undertaken expected to continue to increase.

1. ‘Fast’ Power - Rapid deployment of power solutions for customers with acute power needs
2. ‘Affordable’ Power -Delivery of economically attractive gas-fired power for customer cost savings.
3. ‘Mobile’ Power -Ability to provide solutions for remote areas with significant power needs
4. ‘Scalable” Power- Increasing capacity in a modular fashion which is cost-efficient.
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