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The IGE Group (Group) is active in the trading, power, energy, construction, real estate, telecommunications, banking and hospitality sectors in Myanmar taking on roles as contractor, investor, operator, and distributor depending on sector. More recently, the Group has expanded to offer security trading, investment advisory and provision of high-speed internet services. The Group’s proven track record of implementing projects effectively and being able to deliver results to its clients has solidified its reputation both locally and throughout the region. The Group aims to lead Myanmar businesses in adopting sustainable and socially responsible policies and practices. In line with international standards, the Group has been consolidating its corporate governance to establish more transparent and accountable business activities across its business units. The Group is also in the process of adopting the globally reputable IFRS accounting system. The Group also regularly contributes to the community with the aim of creating shared value and benefitting the country at large. As part of this effort, IGE Group will soon launch a foundation to support educational initiatives and vocational training with the aim of improving the prospects of future generations.
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