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Johnson & Johnson (Thailand) Ltd.

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Company Profile not exceeding 1300 characters with spaces.: Johnson & Johnson, through its operating companies, is the world's most comprehensive and broad-based manufacturer of health care products for the consumer, pharmaceutical, medical devices and diagnostics markets. The more than 200 Johnson & Johnson operating companies employ over 110,000 people in 57 countries. The Thailand company was formed in 1947. Today, the company manufactures and markets a wide range of products, including Consumer Products: baby and kids' toiletries, feminine care, oral-hygiene, adult skin care, vision; Medical Products: critical-care, surgical instruments, orthopedics, ophthalmic care, wound closure and endoscopic/mechanical; and Pharmaceutical Brands: Tylenol, EPrix, Nizoral, Risperdal and Duragesic. Johnson & Johnson is represented in Thailand by three companies: Johnson & Johnson Consumer Thailand Ltd., Johnson & Johnson Medical Thailand Ltd. and Janssen-Cilag Ltd.  It is owned by Johnson & Johnson (New Brunswick, New Jersey).
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Country Director - Hospital Group
Business Unit Director, Indochina
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