Tazaungdaing Special Promotion from Ford

The time has come to announce the contents of the long-awaited TAZAUNGDAING SPECIAL PROMOTION for Ford fans.


From 8th November to 30th November, you can choose from Ford Ranger Series cars.


Free installation of "Modified Fuel Filter" that will make your car very useful when you choose to buy one.


Moreover, customers who purchase other Ford models will also receive a "One Time Service Package".


Please contact Ford Myanmar as below to enjoy your TAZAUNGDAING moment with the new Ford Car,

Showroom Hotline (YGN) - 09 420 778 210, 09 771 509 086

Showroom Hotline (MDY) - 09 964433611, 09 797 291 830

Service Hotline (YGN) - 09 965 901 674

Contact Part Hotline (YGN) - 09 798 333 283 for more information.


Ford Myanmar Sale & Promotion (Telegram Channel)

Link - https://t.me/fordmmsale

Ford Myanmar Aftersales Service (Telegram Channel)

Link - https://t.me/fordmmafs