How Misfit Technologies was created

Founded in 2017, Misfit Technologies Limited provides tech solutions to companies across industries in the Asia Pacific region. Over the last few years, the company has experienced excellent growth in a number of markets and has become a leading provider of tech solutions to a long list of companies across industries including telecom, FMCGs, e-commerce, travel, and B2C. 

In an interview with Future Startup published in 2021, Munimul shares how Misfit got started out of a serendipitous mutual discussion between friends. Most things don’t follow a straight trajectory. Most things are random and serendipitous. The interesting thing about the randomness of reality is that it has logic to it. Invest enough time and attention in playing the randomness, it will lead you somewhere. The origin story of Misfit offers fascinating insights into building enterprises. 

This is an excerpt from our conversation with Misfit CEO Munimul Islam

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