Benefits of Language Learning For Your Organization

With the workforce gradually getting back to the office after the pandemic, there are new opportunities and challenges for the L&D managers in the professional space.

Especially how to best develop close communication across the team just getting back together. 

Troy D. Tilus, Global Implementation Strategist Rosetta Stone, the keynote speaker will share his experience about Identifying Language Needs and upgrading development plans for the global employees.

Our guest speaker Luc de Waegh, Founding Partner of West Indochina will look at ways to ease the return of workforce to the office.

Date: Wednesday 22nd June, 2022

Time: 1:30pm (1hr session)

Venue: Zoom Meeting

Cost to Members/Non-Members: FOC


  • Recognizing The Language Landscape
  • Impact of Language Skills on Productivity
  • Barriers to Offset Language Training
  • Advantages of a Proficient Workforce
  • 5-Step Guide to Successful Language Training
  • Industry Insight: Bring back the workforce to the office with Rosetta Stone

Please join us and get exclusive insights on how to improve and bring back workforce to the office with Rosetta Stone. We believe our solutions have the potential to add value to your company. 

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