Pacific Medical Industries Ltd is delighted to announced that we have manufactured the Baricitnib oral pill in the name of the branded generic BARICPAC for patients severely impacted by COVID-19

Pacific Medical Industries Ltd is delighted to announced that we have manufactured the Baricitnib oral pill in the name of the branded generic BARICPAC for patients severely impacted by COVID-19. BARICIPAC have also been approved by the Myanmar FDA under Drug Registration Certificate No. 2310ND016. 

💊 A BARICIPAC pill contains 4mg of Barictinib. Under the guidance and authorization of the US FDA, it can be utilized by patients from ages 2 and above, and combined with anti-viral Remdesivir for patients battling severe bouts of COVID-19. This pill will shorten the length of treatment, as well as prevent the need for oxygen support and invasive lung ventilation.

💊The WHO has proven the Barictinib combined with steroids reduces the need for oxygen support in fighting COVID-19, as well as lung inflammation. It has been tested and utilized for emergency usage and COVID treatment in European nations, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, and various other developed nations.

💊 Pacific Medical Industries Ltd, the producer of BARICIPAC (Baricitinib 4mg) has received ANAB (ANSI National Accreditation Board’s approval for the production of raw and manufactured materials, based on our ISO Testing and Calibration Laboratories certificate (ISO/IEC 17025:2017; Certificate No. AT-3067). We have also abided by WHO’s Good Manufacturing Practice (WHO’s cGMP) in our processes, ensuring that BARICIPAC (Baricitinib 4mg) is a reliable and good quality product.

💊 While the BA.4 , BA.5 are not as severe as the delta variant, it still still poses challenges to the elderly and the immunocompromised. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky has described these variants as "more transmissible and more immune-evading.” We have also observed cases of reinfection after COVID diagnoses that ought to be mitigated.

💊 The BARICIPAC (Barictinib 4mg) was successfully manufactured by the PMI factory which deploys the world-class pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment in its western pharmaceutical manufacturing facility that produces the pharmaceutical products with the quality adhere to the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Good Manufacturing Practice (WHO’s cGMP) standards. In addition, this facility also obtained the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Certificate from ANAB, (ANSI National Accreditation Board, USA) for ISO Testing and Calibration Laboratories for the competence, impartiality, and consistent operation of laboratories, which includes management and technical requirements that enable a testing or calibration laboratory to claim their technical competency. Secondly, having accreditation by regulatory bodies certifies that the results are consistent, accurate and are generated using industry-standard protocols. We are delighted to be the very first privately-owned pharmaceutical factory in Myanmar to achieve the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Certification. This certification is also obtained by the Myanmar Food and Drugs Administration (Myanmar FDA)’s Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory and the Pacific Medical Industries Ltd., is the second domestic pharmaceutical factory to achieve it after the Myanmar FDA’s facility. 

💊 As we always thrive to achieve the domestic production of the international standard quality pharmaceutical products to fulfill the greater healthcare needs of the people of Myanmar. We will distribute BARICIPAC (Barictinib 4mg) with 12,000 Ks per box (14’s tabs per box) which is the most reasonable and affordable price to treat severe COVID cases.

💊 Pacific Medical Industries has been at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 in Myanmar, being the first to introduce FAVIPAC 200, 400 (Favipirivir 200mg and 400mg) , MOLNUPAC 200, 400 (Molnupirivir 200mg and 400mg) and PACLOVID (Nirmatrelvir 150mg; Ritonavir 100mg)  into the market when the Myanmar people needed it most, followed by the innovative BARICIPAC (Barictinib 4mg) which was with high successful rate in the fight against the severe COVID-19 cases. The approval of  BARICIPAC (Barictinib 4mg) by the Myanmar Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to locally manufacture one of the most effective globally recognized formulation to treat COVID-19 is testament to the objective of PMI in producing cutting-edge medication in a world class facility built to serve the people of Myanmar. Our greatest success is when Myanmar people have locally available access to world class medication. We continue to serve the people of Myanmar through our continued dedication and commitment. 
This medicine is prescription only medicine (POM) and pls consult with your doctor before using it. 

📞 Please contact the following numbers should you have any inquiries on BARICIPAC (Baricitinib 4mg): 095135744, 095117169, 095135742, 09425751897. 

💊 AA Medical Products Ltd., and Pacific Medical Industries Ltd would like to sincerely wish for the wellbeing and good health for the people of Myanmar.