AMCHAM Myanmar Corporate Membership Discount – 500 USD 

AMCHAM Myanmar Corporate Partner Discount – 1000 USD 


The on-going civil war in Myanmar presents a new set of challenges for organizations with armed conflict becoming a norm across both rural regions and urban areas. ATALIAN-BM&A offers daily data-driven analysis of the security environment with daily risk rating designations of 330 townships in Myanmar. As Myanmar’s leading security-risk product, our clients can control their operational risk via ATALIAN-BM&A’s customized daily and monthly designated risk ratings. 
Unlike other products in the market, our reports feature extensive analysis of security trends across Myanmar using our proprietary dataset. For the remainder of 2022, we are simplifying our subscription by only servicing clients who subscribe to both our daily and weekly service offerings. We are offering the following services in 2022:
1. Reporting Services- Daily and Weekly Reports
2. Conflict Data Daily Subscription (MDID)
3. Monthly Executive Security Briefs
4. In-Country Travel Advisory and Journey Management
5. Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) – Staff Development Training
6. Security Audits 
7. In-Country Risk Assessment Services


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