Ray of Hope | SMART Technical Services

Ray of Hope is a voluntary society founded by SMART Group in 2012 to develop Myanmar’s Health, Education, Social Welfare and Environment Saving across the country. ROH Societyhas 100 active members including SMART Employees and Business Partners. In 2021, ROH and SMART’s created the following programs concentrating in Health, Education, Social Welfare and Environment.



Oxygen Bank

In 2021, ROH Society took leadership to be a health caring aid and local oxygen bank provider for the victims affected by the  covid 19 pandemic in Myanmar.

During the third wave of covid 19, ROHS’ oxygen bank was established with funding from SMART Group and business partner, Hai Duong Petroleum and Marine Corporation.The ROHS oxygen bank owns 10 concentrators, 75 cylinders of 40&20 oxygen liters.ROH supported free usage ofoxygen cylinder and concentrators for SMART employee families and local stakeholder communities suffering from Covid 19.ROH also provided medical aid, supply of medicine,covid19 protective personal equipment and food to covid centers in Yangon.

Life Savers

This year in June 2021, ROH successfully received 30 volunteers to provide blood pack donation to the National Blood Center, Yangon.



ROH Learning Center

SMART and ROH aim to create a better, brighter future for the less privileged by educating and creating learning opportunities in the local communities. In September 2021,SMART and ROHbuilt a 20ft x30ft School building for Elementary School  in Naung Thar Yar village, Pyin Oo Lwin. The ROH Learning Center plans to provide facilities for knowledge sharing and science study activities such as a library, Math, English reading and writing for children in the village.


Social Welfare

Covid 19 Prevention & Safety Tips

ROH Society regularly organized awareness trainings “Protect Covid 19 from ourselves’ at Orphan Schools across Yangon to over 150 orphans to increase health precaution and safety advice for Covid 19 prevention. ROH Society also provided assistance in medical aid, supply of medicine, covid-19 protective personal equipment and food.

ROH also annually provides medical and food supplies to the nun orphanage, ThuKiTar Yama Nuns School.



Green Hour

Environment conservation is an essential part of SMART’s sustainable business goal. Therefore, we started a daily program called Green Hour this year to save electricity by turning off lights, computers, aircons, electronic appliances, etc. for lunchtime. Green Hour is held daily 12-1 pm in the office to conserve Electricity. Green Hour alsogives an opportunity to SMART Employees for total rest ofone hour lunch break or apower nap to restore energy before continuing to work.

Live Green

To promote environmental conservation, we repeatedly encourage SMART employees in the office to Reduce, Reuse and Recycleof waste. In our office we managed to follow the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle procedure with designated recycle bins.

Renewable Lighting

ROH Society with the help of MOGEdonated 56 Renewable Lighting System to the remote areas of Myanmar.In this program, ROH cooperated with MOGEsupported the renewable lighting to remote communities living without electricity.