Lending a helping hand over the difficult three COVID-19 pandemic waves | uab bank

uab bank’s CSR activities over the recent months have taken shape largely in response the recent three (3) COVID-19 pandemic waves in Myanmar. 
During the 1st wave of Covid 19 pandemic in 2020, uab raised MMK 80.2 million through crowd funding which were in turn donated to Ministry of Health and Sports, Covid-19 Control and Emergency Response Committee and Yangon Regional Government Office.  
This was soon followed with the donating of 30,000 bags of rice which was worth over MMK 100 million to much needed communities living around uab bank branches throughout Myanmar. This contribution has helped thousands of low-income people in hospitals and at their home who were the most vulnerable during the pandemic with lack of access to support.  
With the 2nd wave of the pandemic, the Bank ensured that its branches remained largely opened.  Many employees did assist in this effort so that essential services to the public were maintained through the period. We are certainly pleased to report that at no time during this period was the Bank as an entity closed. Where any branch had to be closed, it would between 2 to 3 weeks open its doors again as soon as there were able personnel to man its counters 
The Bank saw it as a responsibility to support employees and their families and throughout the period, 75 individuals were provided with hotel quarantine for up to 2 to 3 weeks while 41 individuals who were COVID positive were supported during their stay at the quarantine centers. A sum of almost MMK 40 million was utilized towards this end.  
The 3rd wave of the pandemic was severe and although many bank branches had to close for a short period, essential services particular payments for shipments of medical supplies, oxygen concentrators and cylinders into Myanmar were kept opened. This ensured that much need supplies could be brought in. 
The Bank opened a Relief Center at one of its branches with free lodging, medical assistance and O2 supply to those who were infected with the COVID-19 virus. The Relief Center was essential as hospitals were fully booked and individuals at the Relief Center who were infected could isolate themselves from their other family members. A doctor was available to provided medical treatment daily.  
Volunteers amongst employees also worked to supply food, medicines and O2 equipment to various families. The Bank spent a sum of MMK 135 million towards relief efforts during the 3rd wave of COVID-19. 
The severity of the pandemic saw the deaths of 5 employees. On 6th November 2021, the Bank held a Town Hall to honor 21 of its employees who despite the dangers worked to save the lives of their fellow colleagues and their families.  
At the end of the financial year of 2021, the Bank sponsored the vaccination of 650 employees and their family members. This not only protect lives but also gives confidence to individuals at the front lines who serve to ensure that essential banking services continue despite the difficulties.