CSR Activities | Grand Royal Group International

Grand Royal Group International Co.,Ltd. (GRGI) corporate philosophy has always been taking responsibility to improve the lives of those in and around the company.  We have developed CSR strategies and objectives under the overall goal of “sustainable development” which helps in the long-term stability of the economy and environment for Myanmar. GRGI’s mantra of “Being a Good Corporate Citizen” is one that is only achievable through the integration and acknowledgement of economic, environmental, and social concerns throughout the corporate decision-making process. 

GRGI has cooperated with its business partners, the government and civil society to drive community and social development under the principle of "Creating and Sharing the Value of Growth for a Sustainable Future" through initiatives and activities that contribute to society, both directly and indirectly, in every region of the country. GRGI has focused its energies to provide practical help in the areas especially important in Myanmar: Public Health, Human Capital Development, Factory Safety, Occupational Health & Wellbeing. GRGI values the importance of investing in and sustaining environment as well.

During COVID-19 Pandemic, GRGI donated 200 million MMK to the National Level Central Committee for Prevention, Control and Treatment of COVID-19 and the Ministry of Health and Sport to commemorate its 25th anniversary. Since the beginning of the first wave, as a show of support towards the people of Myanmar, we donated 200,000 bottles of hand sanitizers worth 500 million Kyats, to Hospitals, Quarantine Centers, Monasteries, Nunneries, and local NGOs supporting the pandemic relief efforts. Moreover, the company donated 600 COVIFOR Remdesivir vaccines manufactured in India to treat 100 critically infected patients to the Department of Medical Research.

GRGI with the assistance of the Myanmar Chinese Chamber of Commerce (MCCOC) helped to provide free vaccination for a total of 4,200 persons. This included employees, family members, suppliers, business partners and contract staff of GRGI. GRGI has contributed USD $10,000 to the “Oxygen Fundraising Campaign” organized by the Euro Chamber of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce and British Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar.

GRGI has continuously donated towards the people of Myanmar hoping that its efforts in outreaching the affected communities will be an example for other members in our Industry to follow. The organization believes that it is inter-linked with its partners, the customers and the community in business and life for without them, the company would not be where it is.  The economic and community eco-system is not an isolated one and whatever the company does has an impact on the various segments of the society.

The campaign on providing free eye treatment helped over 74,000 patients with sight-saving treatment. GRGI is also bringing clean water to villages through the provision of wells, supporting facilities and education for over 12,379 Household and over 73,334 residents in 131 villages across Mon state, Yangon, Mandalay, Ayeyarwady, Bago and Magway regions. GRGI was awarded the Environmental Management System (EMS) certification reflecting almost US$2 million, invested in wastewater treatment. Providing over 2,500 jobs to locals, GRGI also contributes directly to Myanmar’s economy.