CSR Activities of 2021 | Global Technology Group

Global Technology Group (GTG) was established in 2003, provides a broad range of world-class telecommunications services initially. Later on, the group diversified to the verticals business sectors including TMT (Technology, Media & Telecommunications), Financial Services, Trading, Real Estate, and Consultation. We offer our services to a diverse range of clients- a Large Enterprise, Corporate or Mid-market company, or a Small and Medium-sized business or Public sector government enterprise.

For us, this 2021 is a struggle year of economic, health, political and other challenges. We have been able to attain such a respectable level of sustainability and thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm of our GTG's Internal and External Stakeholders, and still working hard.

We would like to share the GTG CSR Activities 2021 within the Covid third wave high period in Myanmar, that can be fully implemented because of manpower, donation and compassion of GTG members.

  (a) GTG has donated and implemented a free Covid vaccination program for all GTG employees (over 500 persons) and their family members (over 150 persons). Our GTG is now an immunization organization.

  (b) Donated Emergency Response Network sponsored by GTG worth One hundred million MMK and Covid medicine worth US $ 15,000 to the main Covid Treatment Hospital in Yangon. (Phaung Gyi).

  (c) Provided the Oxygen cylinders worth eight million MMK to GTG employees and their families.

  (d) GTG has hired the consulting doctors to provide telemedicine health care and medicines to employees suffering from Covid disease worth six million MMK.

  (e) GTG’s Management team provides full salary and allowance to employees, even those who are covid-19 positive.

GTG is an organization that is fully accountable to Myanmar’s economic development sector. It also gives us the power to continue the social work that needs to be done. GTG recognizes the needs of the people of Myanmar, not just physical ones, but will be implemented by GTG’s CSR Team by the year 2020 to provide support. The success of GTG’s CSR Activities year after year is also due to the efforts of all staff, including corporate users.