USAID Women Directors Program

03-06-2023 9:00 AM - 04-07-2023 5:00 PM


The USAID Responsible Investment and Trade Activity works with a broad range of international and domestic private sector firms and civil society actors to promote civilian ownership of the Myanmar economy. ​It seeks to increase company resiliency; improve corporate governance, business transparency, and competitiveness of local private sector firms; promote economic integration for the benefit of people in non-urban areas; and empower women to participate in the economy more fully. ​

A primary focus of the USAID Responsible Investment and Trade Activity is to increase the participation of women in the economic and developmental growth of Myanmar.  A key element for this is ensuring a representation of highly qualified women leaders in the private sector. ​

USAID will be welcoming five (5) to ten (10) aspiring and current directors to participate in a four-month Women Director Program to enhance their knowledge and skills, meet mentors, and increase their visibility and influence among leaders in Myanmar and ASEAN. Participants will also receive guidance from experienced Board Mentors. 
Key program components are as follows:

  • Kick-Off 
  • Leadership & Capacity Building Workshops including Self-Aware Leadership, Board Dynamics, Board Profiling & ESG 
  • Reflection and Concluding Event 
  • Group Mentoring
  • 1:1 Mentoring

For more details of the program, please see here.

Apply at:
Application deadline: April 7, 2023
Questions? Email:
There is no application fee or tuition.
Applications will be reviewed by the committee, and participation will be confirmed via email. Participation in the program is free of charge for eligible candidates.