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Company Profile not exceeding 1300 characters with spaces.: The DeBoer Fellowship is a Myanmar only one-year informal leadership-training program for mid-career professionals. The Fellowship is an initiative of the US-based DeBoer Foundation, Inc. a family foundation engaged with Myanmar since 1989. The DeBoer Fellowship was created to respond to the need for professional learning for mid-career professionals faced with a dramatically changing work environment. To date a total of 150 fully funded scholarships for deserving Myanmar male and female mid-career leaders from across the country, representing each region, each major ethnic group, and various religions, and professional sectors. Fellows have participated in a one-year, systematic leadership development program in Myanmar, taught by Myanmar and International instructors, to advance their skills, improve their organizations and further Myanmar’s prosperity. The Fellowship consists of three, 5-day intensive learning Fellow Events hosted in different regions of the country.  As well, over 20,000 Myanmar people have benefited from the Fellowship through Fellow taught trainings in their respective communities and workplaces. Upon graduation Fellows are prepared with a Go do Good Project that maps out how they will further develop the communities and organizations around them.
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